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March 25, 2013

I’m sitting on my couch in Houston, Texas looking like I just went to the gym when in reality, I have just devoured a giant bowl of popcorn with the boys. We are in recovery mode. Though in many ways we are all thriving, especially the littles, I am also so very aware that we are still in the early days of our new life here. Now is the time to be kind to ourselves, to say a thousand “I love you’s”, to explore each corner of the backyard, to unpack painfully but necessarily slow, to eat popcorn for dinner, and then to collapse unapologeticly each evening just slightly after the sun sets.

For me, now is not the time for new friendships. that time will come. Now is more about meeting this new home…finding its quirks and surprises. Figuring out where the best afternoon light comes through the windows is more my speed these days.

Once in a while…probably too often, the rush to get things done and figured out and checked off takes over our home. It feels worthwhile for a bit…like going BACK to Supertarget AGAIN is some sort of mission and life purpose. It is not! I tell that voice in my head and get busy finding the best way to snuggle with the littles on our newly positioned sofa and read our new library books.

We’re still doing things like Dr check ups, haircuts, school visits. Though falling off the grid sounds super appealing, reality doesn’t allow it for us completely. I like this new rhythm…it feels protective and comforting and necessary. I am already missing our London adventure, but our pace there was unsustainable. We travelled in some capacity every single month. 90% of the time we travelled with the kids and I’d say about 70% of the time it was a flight. We’re tired…in a great way…in a “we just climbed that freaking mountain every blessed day we could walk!” kind of way. We’ll take on this new chapter with fantastic zeal…after a little rest.



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  1. Tom Blossom permalink
    March 25, 2013 11:40 pm

    Long-term and short-term, your Life has been full – Rest is Godly!

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