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Going Away

February 10, 2013

These are crazy times. Actually, they are not nearly as insane as 2 years ago at this time…but it’s crazy nonetheless.

This morning, a guy came and bought our hoover, ahem, sorry – our vacuum. This afternoon, 90% of everything that plugs in will go to a couple who just moved to England from the States. There’s a stack of plastic bins in the front window and little piles of stuff accumulating everywhere as we sort and stack our beloved home on Rosaville Road. sigh.

Friday night we had a big ole going away shindig at our local pub.





This is my wonderful friend, Bella. Hard to believe we only met about a year ago. Lifers for sure. xoxo!!


We had a little game of English v American terms…can you guess them all?


Sally, Amy, Jenna & Angela below…



Below: Robert, Jules, Alex & Charlotte (all of whom we met through Coltan’s nursery school)…

photo copy 2

Below: Joe, Sam’s awesome coworker

photo copy 4

Below: Our amazing neighbors! We have been so blessed by these couples who live literally next door and across the street from us. Dave & Sue, Justin & Natalie, Catherine & Larry. (not pictured Chris & B who stopped in even with a 2 week old baby!)

photo copy 5

Below: Rob & Chris, friends from church and hilarious!

photo copy

Below: Sally, my very first friend in Fulham who opened the door to many more friends because she is just that awesome! Love love love this lady.


Oh the fun. There is nothing like gathering people from each corner of your life and saying goodbye. Surprisingly, no tears!! I think the floodgates will open on the ride to Heathrow…it’s gonna be ugly. But, back to the party. I love these people…all of them. They are what makes this farewell so terribly sad.

OH! And my super talented friends, Rob and Mark, graciously said yes to my plea for a little live music at the party. AND I ticked off a bucket list item because I, too, grabbed the mic for a couple songs. Thank you kind, supportive friends. Sing at a pub in London…check!

photo copy 3

It was a fantastic night…filled with laughs and hugs and lots of joy! Just a few more days to go in this chapter. Here’s to keeping it happy!!

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  1. Liane permalink
    February 10, 2013 5:17 pm

    It looks like you made such good friends there. How wonderful to have those connections! It’s been fun to follow your European adventures. The States will be happy to have you back. Best wishes with all the moving details! I trust the Lord will bring it all together for you.

  2. Anna H permalink
    February 10, 2013 6:24 pm

    Where is the video if you singing??? I want to see!

  3. February 10, 2013 6:57 pm

    oh amber. this is so awesome. i wish i could hug all of those people. i am so excited to get you back to the usOFa but sad with you that this journey has come to end.

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